Designer and manufacturer of every essential element in the bathroom, VitrA has an annual capacity of 5,6 million units of ceramic sanitaryware, 2 million taps, 350,000 bathtubs and shower trays, and 400,000 modules of bathroom furniture. Output alone, however, is not the sole factor in the significance of VitrA’s manufacturing capability. Carefully calibrated for minimal resource consumption, these cutting-edge factories and plants create sophisticated designs and maintain extremely high standards whilst progressively reducing VitrA’s ecological footprint.

VitrA is renowned across the world for refined aesthetics, a commitment that has been recognised by many of the world’s most prestigious design awards over the years. Sixty per cent of the products that have won world famous design and innovation awards like the EDIDA, Design Innovation, Design Plus, Good Design, Iconic Awards, Interior Innovation, iF, Plus X, Red Dot, and Wallpaper is developed by its in-house design teams.